“As the daughter of a retired career Marine, I know well the sacrifices being made now by the troops in the field and by the families and friends they left behind. I am so grateful to those courageous enough to make these sacrifices in the name of freedom and in the protection of their fellow citizens. May this war come to a speedy, successful and final resolution,” JMD

“As I sit here in Sweden my heart and my thoughts are with every one who is out there to protect the finest country in the world, USA,” ETR

“Please know that my love and prayers will be with you!” ZA

“To any who would protest the war in Iraq, I say follow your own conscience. It is truly only you who knows how you feel. But in doing so I would urge all of you as good, godfearing, patriotic, AMERICAN citizens to “For Gods Sake” back up and stand by all of the people that are already over there preparing to give their lives for us and our way of life. Let us not have another Vietnam and all the callous hatred that our people had to come home to face. I would love to have every American citizen stop and think about it and I know of no other way faster than this. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, THEY DESERVE EVERYTHING WE CAN GIVE THEM!!!!!,” FM