The Story Of Adam’s Angels

Adam’s Angels is a program that was started in memory of a single firefighter who became an angel on September 11th. He was a practical joker who loved children. We have never accepted money and we don’t ever plan to.

The goal of Adam’s Angels is: To provide children with an angel here on earth.

Initially, a few of us bought holiday gifts for the children of fallen firefighters that we personally knew. Then, the program grew by word-of-mouth. Adam’s Angels has since matched people all over the world with children who lost their FDNY fathers on 9/11. We are currently matching the NYPD & PAPD and “civilian” children. In May, we created our “9/11 Family Support Group” for people who lost loved ones on September 11th. Through a message board and weekly e-mails, 9/11 family members are able to communicate with each other and learn about special gifts available to them through Adam’s Angels.

Adam’s Angels has also begun supporting “Americans who have been touched by tragedy since 9/11/01.” This includes our military and innocent victims of terror. We also hold events for different charities we feel Adam would want to support.