On Thursday, December 12th, we held a press conference in NYC to speak about the vendors around Ground Zero. It is apparent that NONE of us can stand going to the final resting place of so many and seeing the vendors selling disgusting “souvenirs” of that horrible day. They NEED to be stopped. We MUST come together to make sure that these vendors are moved from this area, IMMEDIATELY. We CANNOT look the other way anymore. It is with my sincere hope that you will all sign the petition at and cut and paste this message into an e-mail and send it to EVERYONE you know and ask them to do the same.

Basically, the petition is saying that we would like the area around Ground Zero made into a vendor free zone by the city and state. That means NO vendors selling their sleazy 9/11 merchandise ANYWHERE near Ground Zero. It is hard enough for family members to visit the site without being bombarded by the “murder-abilia” Many families WILL NOT go down to the site because of this and it’s ashame. On an added note, I personally am fighting to have the mayor’s office actually look into what the vendors are selling because although the city issues vendors permits, most of the items they are selling (throughout the city) are illegal and not licensed. On Canal Street you will find bootlegged cds and movies (which is actually cool, but…. here’s the killer) they are also selling child porn. The city says it’s their first ammendment right. Vendors also are selling “I Love New York”, FDNY, NYPD, PAPD shirts that are unlicensed as well. This is in addition to the smut around Ground Zero. None of that stuff is legal, but tourists see the NYC permits hanging from the vendors necks and assume their tables are sanctioned by the city of NY and, technically, since the city won’t crack down on it, they are. And, the city calls it their first right ammendment. I would think the city would know the laws, but….. When this type of stuff is licensed, the proper outlets get a portion of the sales. Otherwise, it’s ILLEGAL. Anyway, I hope I explained a little bit. -Jill