Become one of Adam’s Angels

There are many ways to be “One Of Adam’s Angels.” And, you decide exactly how involved you are.

As an Angel, you can:

Support a child(ren) who lost a parent on 9/11. You will be able to send holiday & birthday presents, cards, notes, letters, etc. this year & for as long as you chose to remain the child(ren)’s angel. The frequency of mail is determined by you, as there is no minimum or maximum required to be one of Adam’s Angels. All mail is sent to a neutral address to ensure the confidentiality of our families.

Support our 9/11 Family Support Group for those who lost a loved on 9/11 by providing tickets to sporting events, concerts, etc. The Adam’s Angels Support Group would like to be able to provide tickets to movie premieres, concerts, sporting events, etc. so that these family members can further interact with each other. We are not a non-profit, therefore, we cannot send you a tax letter for your gift.

Volunteer to promote Adam’s Angels for us! It’s simple. Just cut and paste the following paragraph and e-mail it to everyone in your address book or, post it in guest books and message boards you visit:

Adam’s Angels was created to make a difference in the life of a child who lost a loved one on 9/11/01. They pride them self on the fact that they have never accepted monetary donations. I would like to invite you to browse their website:

We can use all the angels we can get here on earth because we have so many more in heaven, now.

To become one of Adam’s Angels, please contact us.