Amazing Angels

When words don’t seem to say enough, yet they are all you have.

Adam’s Angels would like to thank the following for their dedication to both Adam’s Angels and the families of 9/11. Although they are extremely modest, we feel that they need to be recognized for all they have done and continue to do for us.

The Rand Family

Well, here’s one of those “words cannot express” situations. What can we say? Your strength inspires us everyday to move mountains in memory and honor of Adam. We promise that no matter what, Adam’s Angels will make sure all of America remembers never to forget Adam or the other 9/11 angels. We love you more than words can every express and you are the inspiration that moves us.

Shelley- our West Coast Program Coordinator (and friend)

Well, first of all, her title does not do her justice. Where do we begin? Deeply saddened by the events of 9/11/01, Shelley wanted to do anything she could to help. But, she lives in California and New York seemed miles and years away. We got her e-mail address off of and asked her to consider becoming one of Adam’s Angels and to contact us if she was interested. Of course she was! We quickly matched her with a family and, she asked if she could do more. Basically, Shelley, a kindergarten teacher decided to devote her summer to Adam’s Angels. She single-handedly created our master database of all the 9/11 angels as well as our other databases. She matches those looking to be one of Adam’s Angels with families who need angels– and more– too much to list. Shelley made a promise to herself, and her future students that Sept. 11th will always be talked about, now and every year until she is no longer teaching. We thank you for being such a major part of Adam’s Angels. We love you CaliAngel!!!

Vinny- our webmaster (and friend)

Vinny is not only our webmaster, but he created and runs in honor of his brother firefighters who became angels on 9/11/01. You see, Vinny is a firefighter himself, with L50 in The Bronx. In addition to these projects, Vinny is a family man. He helped set up the Official FDNY website and he is still involved in working on that site and other sites for his family, community, and children’s schools. His dedication to Help to Keep the Memory of our Heroes “Alive” and his support of Adam’s Angels is amazing. He is always right there when we ask him to add something to our website and always wants to do more for us. Without him, Adam’s Angels would still have a tacky website at geocities and would not be taking off in the direction that it has. So, we thank you Vinny, for everything!!!

United Church of Religious Science in Cypress, California

The Season for Non Violence inspired them to involve their children and the church family to bring some solace to the children of the families who were so devastated by the 9/11 tragedy. They held a candlelight prayer vigil on the evening of 9/11/01. As they looked for a project for their children to participate in during the Season of Nonviolence(Jan to April), they decided to collect the bears and teach the children about sharing their love. The children hugged the bears
to fill them with love during the opening ceremony in children’s church. This was done to make their bears special and so the children receiving the bears would feel their unity with the children. After a few weeks they had a blessing ceremony. The children brought the bears into church and passed them out to let the adults help fill them with love. Then they
had a lunch and packing party to send them on their way. They believe in One God and many paths. Knowing this they were glad their bears would help to heal with love. We continue to find these bears new homes with children who lost a loved one on 9/11/01. And, we thank Lorraine Taylor and the United Church of Religious Science in Cypress, CA from the bottom of our hearts!!!

STEVE BUSCEMI– great actor, former fireman & wonderful man.
Adam’s Angels would like to thank Steve and his assistant Jonah for supporting our 9/11 family support group.

We are forever grateful.