About Us

Adam’s Angels has never accepted financial donations. We are run totally by dedicated volunteers who donate their time to make positive contributions to our program.

“Very Important Volunteers.”

Jill A. Pall, Founder & Program Director

Shelley J. Arellano, West Coast Coordinator

Sue Porizek, Outreach Coordinator

Melissa Ielpi, Fundraising Program Coordinator

Lisa Bondrew & Lara Sees, Pennsylvania State Program Coordinator

Jody Rodgers, Ohio State Program Coordinator

Darryl Morrison, Canadian Program Coordinator

Kathryn Rand, “Operation Sending Smiles Across the Miles” Program Assistant

Lou Martorella , Webmaster Extraordinaire

“Project Remember Me: A Celebration of Life”

Executive Committee:

Jill A. Pall, Shelley J. Arellano, Debora Jackson, Norene Schneider, Jose Quintana, Maria Ragonese, Arlene Sullivan, Peggy McGrane, Caryn Wiley, Craig Sincock & Lisa Rand-Meyer